The Ultimate Management Tool

IoTen/Coffee provides the ultimate management tool: Objective performance measurements. Managers can improve bottom line results by taking corrective action based on real time measurements of coffee machine activity delivered by the IoTen/Coffee system.

Operational Transparency

The operational transparency created by IoTen/Coffee reveals mechanical trends before they can be humanly detected. Analysis of millions of transactions enables IoTen/Coffee to predict the probable cause of detected changes, such as increased duration of brewing time.

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IoTen/Coffee provides business insights in three main areas:

  • Coffee quality / Barista practices
  • Machine longevity & maintenance costs
  • Inventory levels / re-ordering & shrinkage

Consistent Coffee Quality

Machine calibration objectively monitored

Your barista is alerted to changes that can impact the flavor and quality of beverages, before your customer notices.

Improving Machine Maintenance

Extending Machine Life, Avoiding Downtime

IoTen/Coffee enables a shift to PREDICTIVE maintenance, rather than a schedule based preventative approach. Based on actual performance degradation measurements, IoTen/Coffee provides your service department with usage data and trends so you can plan a more efficient and effective service schedule, identifying those locations that require the most immediate help.

Barista Performance

Helping your barista maintain professional standards:

Automated monitoring can help detect missed actions and send the barista useful reminders regarding rinsing group heads before each beverage is brewed, daily cleaning or uneven use of group heads.

Inventory Control

Dashboard of Current Inventory, Globally

Automated re-ordering based on actual inventory monitoring eliminates external coffee purchases as well as the need for costly emergency supply deliveries.

Fits Any Machine,

Installation of IoTen/Coffee is performed in 20 minutes or less, at your store location.  So you can make your existing operation “smart” without replacing a single machine.


IoTen/Coffee fits any machine type or brand:

  • 1,2,3, or 4 group
  • Single serve
  • Capsule


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