Same Coffee,
Better Service,
Lower Operational Costs

La Nova Italiana is a premium Middle-Eastern affiliate of Cesare Magnelli, a Florence based coffee roaster since 1875.

This is a story of passion, tradition and tenacity. The Saed brothers in their early 20s, Rami and Ehab, set out to build a coffee business. Initially setting their sights on bringing fine Italian coffee to restauranteurs in Israel’s Arab sector, their business has long since expanded beyond ethnic boundaries, with their original target market now accounting for only 20% of their business.

The chemistry with the Magnelli family was instantaneous” 

Rami recalls their first meeting on a tour of Italy during which the brothers met with several coffee roasters. Magnelli were attracted by the Saed brothers’ passion for coffee, their business acumen and their commitment to building a quality brand. 

While we initially sold imported Magnelli roasted coffee, they continuously shared their knowledge with us and after 8 years agreed to help us build a Magnelli roasting company in the Middle East.” 

A Game Changer for Improved Profitability

In pursuit of better service while lowering overall costs, the Saed brothers identified IoTen’s ability to connect their customers’ coffee machines to the internet as a game changing opportunity. “I start my day viewing an online report of actual coffee inventories at each of my customer locations without making a single phone call, without adding any staff. That’s incredible!”

I don’t have to wait for a restaurant to call in the order – I initiate the call to let them know they’re about to run out

Pre-programmed triggers alert the roaster to a list of those restaurants that require the most immediate coffee deliveries, based on current inventory levels and their actual rate of consumption as reported by the IoTen module. Restauranteurs appreciate the proactive service, while the elimination of emergency coffee deliveries amount to savings of thousands of dollars per machine, annually.

IoTen provides me with a dashboard of each of my coffee machines – I know exactly how much coffee was consumed and how much water went through its pipes at any given moment.

Consistent calibration for a perfect cup of coffee

IoTen detects water flow deviations from our original calibration of each coffee machine.  This ensures a consistently perfect cup of coffee by prompting for an examination of the grinder and coffee machine settings or re-calibration, if necessary.

Better quality, better service, with no additional staff.

Optimized Service Scheduling

IoTen enables optimized service schedules for our coffee machines by reporting the actual volume of water that passed through their pipes since each machine’s last water filter change. The IoTen service schedule reflects actual usage of the machine, which is far more accurate than generalized OEM recommended schedules. 

So our coffee machines consistently make good tasting coffee because we are able to accurately control the level of mineral deposits in the pipes. We’re also able to get more years of service out of each machine before it requires a costly major overhaul.


Our customers serve consistently perfect coffee, and we sell more coffee to them!

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